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Daily income system
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Daily Income System

The Daily income scheme has been specifically designed for investors / students who are averse to risks (implying a reluctance to invest in equity instruments), but however, are looking for fixed daily payouts. Investors in this scheme are hence, usually found to be people in retirement or senior citizens, Students.

Benefits of Daily Income System

 Ease of money/interest transaction

 Multiple account ownership

 There is no lock-in period for Daily Income System (DIS)

 Affordable deposit amount

Invest Now

guaranteed returns

Investment Returns per Day
₹1,00,000 ₹134
₹3,00,000 ₹500
₹6,00,000 ₹1200
₹9,00,000 ₹2100
₹15,00,000 ₹4000


16 months

Stock Market

The company has an educated funds manager who invests your funds in large cap companies which are 100% safe and secure.

Even if the stock market goes down, your principal will remain fixed and you will continue to get guaranteed returns on your principal.

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